Defensive Mage (Healer) - What stats do i need?

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Defensive Mage (Healer) - What stats do i need?

Post  Stomp on Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:46 am

Wisdom and Heal Recovery Amount.

Simple as, Get as much Wisdom and Heal recovery as you can. Wisdom gives you more heal power per wisdom point, than Intelligence, although it gives less MP.
Wisdom isn't hard to get, at level 15 there is a sceptre [Mater Sceptre of Doll Revival(No, i didn't typo, that is it's name)] that gives 46 Wisdom, and has a slot. (it's only green as well!)

Best cards to slot in your gear are Wisdom and HP, these cards can slot into any slot being (O) Class (Which is nice)

I generally go by having 3x the HP that my heal can heal, (as a guidance for hp cards) It means you don't ever have too much hp, And are always healing a good amount. [This ratio goes kaput 30+ due to the fact your heal will outrun your hp]


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