Rogue (Melee DPS) - How should i build my stats?

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Rogue (Melee DPS) - How should i build my stats?

Post  Stomp on Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:26 am

I think for most people starting out a rogue, The question, "Do i need power? Why do none of the rogue equips give power?" Question pops up,

Truth is, a rogue doesn't need power, a rogue draws more attack from agility than they do from power,

1 Agi = 0.525 Attack (e.g. dmg unmodified)
1 Pow = 0.5 Attack.

So obviously, a rogue will do better with Agility + equipment than with power.

But before you go shoving Agility cards into your equipment, Hold on a moment.

Lets take an Agility card level 2, it gives 10 Agility, which is 5.25 attack.
Now lets take a Fight card level 2, it gives 12 Physical Attack, which is obviously, 12 attack.

I expect a few of you are thinking, "But agility gives evasion and crit rate?"

And you would be right, But it doesn't give enough evasion to notice, and crit rate is another matter.

Crit rate itself increases through time, and for the first 30 levels your base dmg is much more useful than crit rate.

Crit rate comes into it's own after 30 though, so another guide will be posted for that.

When it comes to Daggers, the Physical attack power from the actual weapon, is much better than the stats it gives, a dagger with 104-126 Physical attack power is going to be better than a dagger with 76-92 P.A.P and 26 Agility. When referring to damage, if the dagger with agility had stamina on it as well, it would become a choice of personal preference.

Armour is another story, you want to stay alive, but don't sacrifice too much raw damage to stay alive, most sets of greens and blues are equally balanced with Agility and Stamina for your needs, but don't be afraid to shove a HP card in, and on the other side of the coin, don't be afraid to slot ALL your gear with fight cards. As some say, a good offence is an excellent defence.


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